Angel Charms Sports Bar & Restaurant (2024)

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  • Angel Charms Sports Bar & Restaurant. Angels. Call now. Profile; Menu; Events 0; Reviews 0; Jobs 0; Store 0; prev; next. Get directions · Call now · Website ...

  • Angels

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  • View up-to-date menus for Angel Charms Sports Bar & Restaurant located at 00840 in Whim, St Croix .

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5. Angel & Greyhound : The best pub, bar and restaurant in Oxford.

  • A beautiful and charming pub, just ten minutes walk from Oxford city centre, popular with locals, students, diners and real ale enthusiasts alike.

6. Turps Sports Bar & Restaurant – Baltimore's Best Sports Bar

  • Turp’s Daily Specials · Location and Hours · About Us

  • Our burgers are charbroiled certified Angus beef, served on a fresh brioche roll with a side of French fries.  (Tots or Sweet Tots for $2.00)

7. The Little Angel

  • Food & Drinks · Book a Table · Gallery

  • We are pleased to welcome you to The Little Angel with a new team in place, bringing you wonderful hospitality and amazing food. Head Chef Matt Dockray has created an outstanding casual menu that…


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  • Situated in the beautiful village of Upton Scudamore, The Angel Inn is one of Wiltshire’s finest country pubs. The five bedroom inn and restaurant has undergone extensive renovation in keeping with the inn’s rustic charm while breathing new life into the premises. About Us Have a look around the Angel Inn with our interactive virtual tour. To move around simply click on the white arrows, to look around simply move your mouse in the direction you wish to look.

Angel Charms Sports Bar & Restaurant (2024)
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